Sivuäänen Kuvagalleria 2022

13 December 'Joulu@TAYS' concert, with an introduction of the band and Guest Conducting [MP4 video] of our
opening piece by hospital clown 'Hui von Pulla' from the TAYS children's ward. See also Joulu@TAYS 2022 [MP4 video]
(Photos and 'Conducting' video by Pirkko-Liisa Lähde)

Arrival music, above the Arvo atrium, for the 25.11 Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology staff party.

Sivuääni publicity via August 16: A Magical Wind Band Evening at Laikunlava (PDF) in Puhallinorkesteri (Syksy 2022, 52-53), with Sivuääni's Seppo Heikkilä, Matti Kannisto, Riina Kylätie, Erkki Moisio, Jukka Pakkanen, Robert Piche, Hannu Poutanen, Kauko Ristilä and Markku Uusitalo, as well as former conductors Matti Prepula and Soila Takanen.
(To read the full 56-page issue from the SPOL website, click here)

2022 Tampere Medical Days opening in the early morning of 24 August at Tampere-talo, including Harold Walters' arrangement of Ernesto de Curtis' Come Back to Sorrento. (Photos 1-3 by Markku Uusitalo)

On 12-13 August, Sivuääni played for the Doctoral Balls of the Tampere University Doctoral Conferment Ceremonies (Tohtoripromootio 2022), Friday at Tullikamarin Pakkahuone and Saturday at Tampere-talo. Click here for a 6-second video of the dancers with Sivuääni playing Michal Oginski's Poloneesi (photos above by Jonne Renvall).

Warming up in Tampere-talo Saturday under Guest Conductor Soila Takanen, just before the dancers arrived.

Performing Friday evening on the stage of Tullikamarin Pakkahuone for the City Reception and ball rehearsal

Final rehearsal before the big weekend in our Arvo practice room. In addition to Michal Oginski's Poloneesi and Max Oscheit's Cicapo (both arranged by Arthur Fuhrmann), the organizers had requested Mabel Wayne's Ramona (arr. Hans Kolditz) and Noel Gay's Lambeth Walk (arr. especially for Sivuääni by Juhani Leinonen) as the other two dances.
See videos of (left) Ramona (MP4, 3:19) and (right) Lambeth Walk (MP4, 2:51), Soila Takanen conducting.

03 and 10 August 'Promootio' rehearsals at Arvo with Guest Conductor Soila Takanen

Sivuääni publicity via The Community-Music Contact Database and E-Mail List: Expanding the International Visibility and Knowledge of Finnish Bands (PDF) in Puhallinorkesteri (Kevät 2022, 51-53) [full 60-page issue here]


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