Sivuäänen Kuvagalleria 2021

After missing 2020 due to Covid, we were again able to have our TAYS University Hospital Concert, the playlist including Frank Bernaerts' All I Want For Christmas Is You (MP4, 4.09) and Kees Vlak's White Christmas (MP4, 2.24)
See also Sivuääni's Joulu@TAYS! (MP4, 1.12)

Sivuääni publicity via Covid-19 in Interim Retrospect: What Has Changed in the Windband World? (PDF) in
Puhallinorkesteri (Syksy 2021, 30-32) [full 44-page issue here], the Chatfield Music Library Newsletter and WASBE-World (2021, Volume 3, pp. 52-55)

(Above) Opening number at Milavida [MP4 video, click image to play], Hans Kolditz' arrangement of Hello Dolly!, videographed by Tapani Uusitalo, with narration by Sivuääni clarinetist and secretary Markku V.T. Uusitalo.

On 14 August, despite a forecast for heavy rainfall, the weather cleared for the first Sivuääni performance of 2021, a Tampere City 'puistokonsertti' on the Milavida bandstand in Näsinpuisto park. Click the photo to enlarge!
(Top) Warmup and tuning before the concert began. (Bottom) During the concert!

Prior to the Milavida concert, two mini-band-camp rehearsals were held at the Vilpeilä school in Sahalahti. Everyone enjoyed being able to get together to play again; it had been a long time since October 2020!


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