Sivuäänen Kuvagalleria 2020

Sivuääni publicity via the 'Finnish Band Experiences During the Covid-19 Lockdown' article, as published in Puhallinorkesteri Syksy 2020, pp. 40-45 [PDF] (the entire 56-page Puhallinorkesteri issue may be read here), the September issue of WASBE-World [pages 15-25], and the October Chatfield Music Lending Library Newsletter.
An HTML web version of the article with links to the audiovisual material and references is here.

Cameos from the 02 September Laikunlava concert, the evening's climax after Mansetti and Tampereen Salonkiorkesteri had warmed the audience for us. Even if socially distanced, and missing a few regulars, all agreed it was a successful evening! Listen to excerpts from two of the ten pieces on the event's playlist, Pablo Beltran Ruiz' 'Sway' [MP4], as arranged by Tampere's Markus Boedeker, and John Warrington's 'Bb Blues' [MP4]. Enjoy!

Cameos from the 22 August soittoleiri [band camp], the first time we had rehearsed together since early March

Sivuääni publicity in Puhallinorkesteri's Kesä 2020 Expanding Your Band's Music Library article, pp. 46-50 [PDF]
(click here for the 5-page article, or here for the entire 56-page issue)

Sivuääni rehearsing at home during the Covid-19 lockdown, trying new pieces, instruments, and technologies.
Click here for videos [MP4] of 'Maria Elena' (Markku Uusitalo, clarinet); 'Besame Mucho' (Hannu Poutanen, clarinet); and 'As Time Goes By' (John Hopkins, trumpet/cornet)

Sivuääni publicity in Puhallinorkesteri's Kevät 2020 Chatfield Music Lending Library article, pp. 36-39 [PDF]
(click here for the 4-page article, or here for the entire 44-page issue)

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