Sivuääni: the Medical Orchestra of Tampere, Finland!

Tampere's Sivuššni Medical Orchestra was founded in 1977 by doctors at the Tampere University Medical School and Central Hospital, in the tradition of similar bands in other Finnish university medical schools. Sivuššni is the leading medical wind band in Finland. There are 15-20 regular players, including several founding members, who are supplemented on special occasions by former players whose work has taken them elsewhere. Skill levels are intermediate to advanced, with enthusiasm a characteristic of all.

Sivuääni is a wind band, comprised primarily of saxophones, clarinets, flutes, trumpets, horns, euphoniums, trombones, tubas and drums; with other instruments per occasion. Most players have a medical connection, as professors, doctors, researchers, hospital administrators, medical text editors, nurses and lab technicians; but all musicians are welcome to play in Sivuääni.

Sivuääni plays a wide variety of dance, rhythmic, and festive music, as relevant to the occasion. Most performances are connected with medical-oriented events, with playlists having included dedication music for new hospital facilities, ceremonial selections for graduation ceremonies, welcoming and dance music for conference openings and banquets, and special playlists for other occasions. The band also performs in summer 'park concerts', at music festivals, and for other events in Finland and abroad. A 'band camp' is held in mid-August each year for both recreation and preparation of the new autumn season.

Sivuääni rehearses on Wednesdays from 18-20 in the Arvo building of the University Medical School. We are always looking for new players! If you are interested, e-mail Secretary Markku Uusitalo at Markku.V.T.Uusitalo [at] Welcome!

What Does 'Sivuääni' Mean?

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Sivuääni whole-family summer camp in the late 1970s, led by Tapio Vayrynen and his 'tahdistin', or 'pacemaker'!

The Finnish word 'sivuääni' means 'murmur' [for example a 'heart murmur'], although metaphorically it can refer to a wide variety of rhythmic sounds. It connotes well the musical avocations of many Tampere medical professionals. Humor is always a part of Sivuääni: in our founding years, before a director was employed, Sivuääni rhythms were regulated by tuba player Tapio Vayrynen and his foot-operated 'pacemaker' ['tahdistin'], now part of the band's lore.

More recently, conductors have included the legendary Tampere musicians Mikko Marttila and Matti Prepula, as well as advanced students from Music Conservatories in Tampere and elsewhere in Finland.

For further information (in Finnish) on the Sivuääni history, schedule of events, current players, and photo/sound gallery, click on our History, Current Players, Schedule of Events, and Photo and Recordings Gallery links!

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